Love Your Pet From the Inside Out...


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Different ailments a dog could be having :

CBD can help reduced inflammation by reducing joint pain.
Increasing mobility and improving the quality of life for your pet.
Start at 1-2mg/lb twice a day.
Titrate up or down as necessary.

For some pets this can vary from day to day; even nail trims can be very stressful.
4th of July, New Year’s fireworks, construction noise.
CBD dosage can be adjusted (titrated) up and down as necessary.
2mg/lb 2-3 times a day.

For those dreaded seasonal and environmental allergies, we recommend 2mg/lb, 3 times a day.

CBD may lessen symptoms such as Restlessness, Disorientation, Pacing, Circling associated with Cognitive issues.
1-2mg/lb, 2 times per day

Higher doses may be required to help your pet get the sleep and comfort from reduced pain needed during this difficult chapter of your pet’s life.
1-2mg/lb, 3 times a day.

Such as IVDD – or intervertebral disc disease – is a degenerative condition affecting the spinal cord of your dog that causes a host of painful issues with mobility. Starting dose of 2 mg/lb 2-3 times per day may help reduce swelling and pain, allowing your pet to get the well-deserved sleep they require.

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Why should I choose KanaRoo Kitchen products when there are so many CBD products on the market?

At KanaRoo Kitchen, we developed high quality, high potency organic products for all sized cats and dogs. We have been using CBD in the animal rescue world since 2008, and we quickly realized that most CBD oil available on the market had a low concentration of CBD per milliliter which made it extremely expensive for us to use on all those that could benefit from it. KanaRoo Kitchen's CBD concentration is 67mg/mL, which is much higher than most other company's products, making it more affordable and accessible to those who so desperately seek a potent and effective natural way of easing the ailments humans and animals suffer from daily, without the dangerous side effects of traditional pharmaceuticals.


KanaRoo Kitchen’s Philanthropic Support

KanaRoo Kitchen’s philanthropic endeavors are served by providing high quality products and premier customer service to assist you in improving your animal's emotional and physical health, and our proceeds support rescue efforts. 4 Dogs Farm Rescue, a medical rescue working in Northern California, Southern California, and Tijuana, Mexico, takes the worst of medical cases of starvation, traumatic amputations, disease, abuse and neglect cases and spares no expense to restoring those animals to health, so they can lead their best lives. CBD has played a huge part in their well-being, both physically and mentally, and we want to provide that to your animals too.

A portion of KanaRoo Kitchen's proceeds will go to help support 4 Dogs Farm Rescue, and assist other rescues in the form of donations and discounts.


CBD’s Role In Your Pet’s Health & Well-being

What is the Endocannabinoid System?
The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is a biological signaling system consisting of endocannabinoids (a neurotransmitter), cannabinoid receptors (CBRs), and enzymes. The ECS is expressed in the central and peripheral nervous systems of the vertebrate.

How Does ECS Works?
The biological effects of the ECS are through the interaction of endocannabinoids with the receptors and the enzymes…


Client Testimonials

Emma B.

I wanted to write to you to thank you for your CBD products. I have had my cat on the CBD oil and/or chews for several months now and the difference in him is phenomenal. You will remember that we discussed if it could help him as he is an almost 11-year-old cat with cerebellar hypoplasia, who while mobile, is impaired in his walking. His front feet are fine, but his back feet splay out when he moves. Because it's a neurological condition, we didn't know that anything could help him but your CBD did. You taught us how important dosing is and once we got it right, he has improved so much. He is walking on all 4 feet now, no more splaying out and he climbs onto the couch and our bed when he wants to be snuggled! He no longer runs for cover when someone he doesn't know is here because he knows he can walk away and so your CBD quite literally changed his life.
When I contacted you about helping him, your knowledge, care and kindness was so comforting. A million thanks for helping our boy live his best life!

Lee S.

I would like to recommend CBD to people with cats or dogs with issues and I want to share our experience. We have done some fostering for a local rescue and took in an older semi-feral cat who did not like being touched. Over a few weeks with feeding and sitting with her, she did allow us to pat her but that was all. She was so skittish and untrusting and we couldn't care for her properly.
When we spoke to you and put her on the CBD chews, we didn't know if it would help but the changes in her have been so amazing that we wanted to let you know. After a few weeks, she was 'meowing' at us when we brought her food and chews, then she let us pat her. One day we just picked her up and held her for a few minutes. She started walking around looking for us. She follows me down the hall now. She sleeps on our bed even if there is another animal there - dog or cat she doesn't care. She's changed physically as well. We can do her nails now. Her fur used to be coarse and awful and now she's so soft and loves being pet.
Thank you so much for bringing these products to the marketplace and educating us on how to use it to help our now forever foster girl, Brooklyn.

Cherie R

We wanted to update you on our dog Lucy on KRK’s CBD gels. When we last spoke I told you about how the packing for our move and absences were affecting her. She was pottying in the house and barking at everything. Once we got her on the gels and her dosages right, she has been so much happier, barking much less and she even made a friend who lives next door and she plays with him. This CBD has literally changed her life. We are so grateful!
Waiting for her friend to come over!

Jane G.

I need more CBD oil for Moo. I’ve been giving her 1/2 dropper every morn and she’s doing great. I opted not to have surgery on the tumor in her mouth. The vet wanted to remove it and part of her jaw. At 10 years old, I said no. Well, Miracles do happen. The tumor has shrunk and finally disappeared. The only thing I’m doing different is giving her your CBD oil. So a heartfelt thank you very much.

Leah M.

Our 16 year old rescue, Hank, was the second of our dogs to be diagnosed with lymphoma in a two year period. The first was Stan, who was diagnosed at 10 years old. He had been the healthiest dog we’d had and we were devastated that he died in less than 3 weeks after diagnosis. When Hank was diagnosed, we wanted to try something different and decided to try CBD oil. We cooked all of his meals using organic ingredients and started to put KanaRoo CBD oil in his meals. We were very concerned because Stan had gone from having no symptoms to dying so quickly and Hank was so much older than he was. We were very, very happily surprised that he remained energetic, comfortable and virtually symptom free for almost a year! I very enthusiastically recommend KanaRoo Kitchen CBD oil.

Laury M.

Our lab mix, Oakley, was suffering from hip and joint pain from arthritis. The situation had gotten so bad that he would cry in pain in the morning. Once we were introduced to KanaRoo Kitchen CBD treats and oil we could see an immediate difference. Within a few weeks he was back to taking long walks in Golden Gate Park and running around in the dog park with his friends. The results were miraculous.

Kristen K.

Muffy aka “The Muffster” was the most psychologically damaged dog we had ever fostered. She could not be adopted out to anyone – she was a real mess and someone did some serious abuse to this poor dog during her too-short life. She was anxious, biting, so fearful that she would literally RUN backwards and in circles to get away from anything and everyone. We tried calming agents and even doggie prozak. Nothing worked. The KRK CBD Dennise set up for her was able to give her some sense of normalcy and calmness. We were even able to pick her up and groom and bathe her finally. She passed away a little while ago, but not after finally having some peace in her life, and understanding that not all humans are bad.