Side effects, if any, are usually mild and infrequent. Occasionally a pet may have soft stools but this typically resolves in a few days.  They may also show signs of mild sleepiness for a few days, most often because they are comfortable and get a restful sleep.

NO! KanaRoo Kitchen products do not make your dog high. It contains only a trace amount of the compound that causes a 'high' and will not cause a psychoactive effect. Some dogs will sleep more, but this is typically because they get a comfortable sleep.

Typically between 48 hours and 5 days. Some pet owners see a noticeable difference within 24 hours but large dogs (100+ lbs) may take up to 2 weeks to show improvement.

YES!  COAs are available upon request.

Your pet should be perfectly fine but may show some mild side effects. These include brief gastrointestinal issues such as soft stools, and sleepiness. These effects typically pass in 24 hours and you can resume normal dosage.

Yes. If your pet needs more support you can increase the dose. Many older dogs can benefit from higher doses. Some issues such as itching, stress, shaking, cognitive or palliative care may require a higher dose. Please send us an email if you have any other questions about dosing -

2-3 times per day, or as recommended by your Veterinarian.

Resume previously recommended dose.

67 mg/mL, which is much higher than most other company's products, making it more affordable than many products on the market.

Yes, KanaRoo Kitchen products are completely organic. Our CBD is organically grown; our MCT carrier oil is organic.

Yes; we recommend oil or gel caps rather than our chews or crumble.

Yes, but discuss with your veterinarian.

Yes. We test every batch, and our COA and terpene profile are always available upon request

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