• JOINT CARE - 1-2 mg/lb, twice per day

If more support is required, consider increasing frequency or increase to 1.5 mg to 2 mg/lb.

  • STRESS - 2 mg/lb, 2-3 times per day

Stress varies from dog to dog and day to day. Higher doses may be needed with fireworks/visitors/construction nearby/nail trims, etc.

  • ALLERGIES/ITCHING - 2 mg/lb, 2-3 times per day

For those dreaded seasonal allergies and environmental allergies. If more relief is required increase frequency to 3 times per day. Titrate up or down according to your pets individual need.

  • COGNITIVE ISSUES - 1-2 mg/1 lb, twice per day

Restless, disoriented, pacing, circling, confused. Titrate up according to your pet’s needs.


1-2 mg/lb, 2-3 times per day